Project Description
Panning architectural lighting of Stradeum (a music gallery & flagship store of Astell&Kern) following space program and materials that were already set
-  Organizing lighting fixtures to get appropriate illuminance at each room
-  Understanding high-end audio market and culture
-  Learning virtual lighting calculation program and using it for lighting plan
Space Program
Astell & Kern Showroom
F4   Cafe, Rooftop
F3   Control room, Office & Locker
F2   Auditorium, Artist waiting room , Storage
F1   Entrance, Reception, Showroom, Restroom
B1   Lounge, Sound alcove, Music room
" Immersion "
Since Stradeum is a music gallery for customer to experience high quality audios of Astell & Kern, my team came out with the idea to create a space that customer can immerse to sound.
Then, we defined three different level of immersion to make customers experience gradual immersion following space program rather than suddenly change the mood between inside and outside the building. We used different lighting theme and luminance to differentiate each level of immersion in customers' experience. 
1st floor 


Music Gallery 

Stairs and corridor in Restroom

lighting calculation
Basement floor

Music alcove


lighting calculation
2nd & 3rd floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

While performing

Lighting simulation - general (left) / right (while performing)

Elevation - Auditorium while performing

4th floor

Section - Cafe

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