Record of explorations using Metahuman. 
Metahuman a real-time digital human technology developed by Unreal Engine.
First NFT created with Metahuman

OUT NOW available on Rarible

We are Mago
Artwork submitted for Sevens Foundation Empowered Women Empower Women Exhibition, curated by @parishiltonnft. 

Artwork Description 
Remember who started the universe. - Lim Kim, "Mago" 
There are goddesses in every culture, such as Gaia, Kali, Sekhmet, and Mago, who have led the world with their divine power. Mago is a goddess in Korean creation myth who created all of nature and structures of the universe. We are descendants of those goddesses, which remind us of how strong we are and how strong we can be. 
Music: Artlist - The Castle by ANBR 

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