Project description
- Emotional healing design for patients in hospitals
- An integrated design project including design research, branding, visual design, and product design
My role
- Led the team
- Design brand patterns, presentation boards, and draw illustrations
- Design and create a mock-up of the product ' Pieces of light'
 Sky changes in various colors during the day. The colors of natural sky are comfortable. Before artificial light existed, the light was not stereotyped color white, but a variety ranging from warm bright colors of the morning to dusky colors of the night. 
'Skylight' is a lighting on the bedhead which changes slowly over time following the flow of sky. The reflection light of 'Skylight' will provide a warmth and comfortable sleep to the patients in the hospital who can not sleep by stresses and anxieties.
 Light is the source of color. In nature, we face a variety of colors. Especially the color of the changing sky is much more diverse than we think, from red to pink to purple. Floral cloud was designed from the inspiration from various shades of the sky. You can make your own sky by attaching the films on a window, and you can feel the color of the sky you created through the transmitted light. Patients can feel pleasure while creating their sky. When this product is used for community space such as a lounge at a hospital, it will give the joy of creating a sky with other people together. 
 Unlike artificial light, natural light has its natural movement. The sunlight under the trees, the light that shines in the waves, is always fluctuating. Moonlight-wave is a mobile that gives you an impression of the scene of resting looking at the scattered light among the shaking leaves. As the mobiles slowly sway, the reflected light and shadows of each part create movements on the wall or floor. Since the reflection of the light and the shadow change by touching the mobile, patients will feel the pleasure of interacting with the light.
 Pieces of light is a cushioning light that begins with the idea of a plastic bag containing fireflies. It was made by putting glow-in-the-dark particles inside the cushion of translucent texture. Scattered light of Pieces of light gives an impression of the mysterious image of natural light. This is the cushion patients can carry around and use. The lighting source inside the cushion is not a light bulb, so it does not break even if patients shake or drop it.

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