Customer experience researcher & Integrated designer

With a unique mixed background of interior architecture and integrated design, my perspective connects space, interior, visual, product, fashion, and interaction to one experience. Integrated design focuses on solving some social problems by combining the subfields of design rather than limiting the scope of designed material. With a great focus on the goal of a design, I transcend diverse design field boundlessly.  

Since I have done a lot of research-based design projects, I love to design based on insights from analysis and research.
I believe great design comes from profound research and designers' striving attitude, which continuously explore and collaborate to get the best result. 

Therefore, all of my projects are consist of research and design, not solely concentrated on a visualization part.

My interests are VR, personalization, customer experience design, and brand community.  

I graduated my master courses last year.  For my master thesis, I investigated how to design relational brand experience based on an online-offline integrated experience.  After graduation, I have conducted expanded research of master thesis and currently working on a publication to international design journal. 
You can check the brief content of my master thesis here.  

I am working as a freelance designer and researcher for now. 
For job opportunities, more information on my work, or to just say hello, feel free to contact me:  


Customer experience researcher & Integrated designer
Currently living in Greater New York Area
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Retail design, Personalization, Customization, Consumer culture, Brand community, Subculture, Participatory design

Master of Design, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Major: Human Environment & Design
GPA: 4.24/4.3
- Member of Fashion-based integrated lab 

Bachelor of Science, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
Major : Interior Architecture, Human Environment & Design(double major)
GAP : 4.12/4.3  
- Graduated with Highest Honors
Work Experience
2017. 03-2018. 08
Graduate Student Researcher | Fashion-based Integrated Design Lab, Yonsei University
-  Conducted multiple human research in national funding research projects. 

2013. 05-2015. 05
Designer | Rootree
-  Co-found member of startup Rootree, acquired.
-  Take charge of all design works, branding, website, applications, and services
-  Create user experience of online education service Bombscore, collaborating with software engineers.
Research Experience
2017.12 - 2018.8
Relational experience design strategy based on online-offline integrated retail design
-  Master thesis project
-  Aims : to find out how retail stores should be to create relational experience with customers
                  to suggest integrated retail design process which combines online and offline channel experiences
                  to develop relational experience assessment tool 

-  Research methodology : Literature review, frame development, case study

2017.03 - 2018.08
Changing design thinking and creativity according to the adaptation of virtual design tool in fashion design process
-  Research project supported by National Research Foundation of South Korea.
-  Aim : to analyze the effect of the virtuality on fashion designer's thinking process,
                to find out how to strengthen creativity by virtuality and apply it to the fashion design education.
-  Research methodology : Experiment and protocol analysis,
-  Associated published article and presentation
     1) Cognitive evaluation for conceptual design: cognitive role of a 3D sculpture tool in the design thinking process. in Digital Creativity, 29(4), 299-314. 
The Effect of VR Design Tool on Creative Design Thinking Characteristics of Fashion Designer  
The cognitive thinking characteristics of fashion designers in virtuality based design process 

2017. 07-2017.12
Development of fashion mask design using Origami structure
-  Yonsei University Technology Holding Company Prototype Support Project 2017 

-  Aim : to develop new fashion mask design
-  Methodology : interview, prototyping

2017. 09-2017. 12
Brand community proposal for naturalism lifestyle brands targeting moms
-  Personal project in Design Process class
-  Research question : How to build community cultures with first-time mom customers in naturalism lifestyle brand
-  Methodology : Interview, coding, frame development, service proposal 
2017. 09-2017. 12
Integrated design perspective comparison between student, professor, and professional designer
-  Aim : to define meaning and components of integrated design

                to find out how stakeholders(students, professor, professional designers) recognized integrated design
- Methodology : interview, coding, contents analysis, data visualization

2017. 03- 2017. 06
Semiotic analysis on subcultural fashion image 
- Aim : to find out inherited meaning on contemporary subcultural fashion - lolita fashion, seapunk, cyber punk
-  Methodology : Greimas Semiotic analysis
-  Associated article :  A Study of the Formative Characteristics and Meaning in Contemporary Fashion Subculture Using the Greimas Semiotic Square, Journal of the Korean Society of Costume, 67(8), 80-99. 
Son Gyeong Ja Academic Award
-  Award for a scholar who contributed to academic development with excellent academic research in the Korea Society of Costume
-  Awarded article : Personalized Fashion Design using Data Visualization method

Best paper award
- Presented excellent paper at the 2017 spring conference held at the Korean Society of Costume
-  Awarded Paper : The cognitive thinking characteristics of fashion designers in virtuality based design process

Highest Honors at Graduation
-  Rank 1st among the graduating students from the College of Human Environment

SPC International Competition - 1st Place Prize Winner
-  International competition of a collaboration project with Ringling College of Art + Design. The project was about designing a new hotel of SPC in Sarasota.
-  Awarded work : The boutique hotel Embrace

S Design Award - Blue (the grand prize) (two times)
-  S award is for students who did excellent work in the semester by dept. human environment & design. 

   Blue is for students who did the best work of all the classes of that semester.
-  Awarded project : Emotional healing design for patients in a hospital (spring 2015)
-  Awarded project :  
Repetto flagship store (fall 2015)

Awarded 3 Honors and 3 High Honors during undergraduates
- Honors : For students within the top 10% of the students in College of Human Ecology of in the previous semester
- High Honors : For students within the top 3% of the students in College of Human Ecology of in the previous semester