Hi, I am Hyoyon Paik.
My life could be described as a journey exploring various design fields: videography in high school, interior architecture and integrated design in university. The journey continued with two years working as an in-house UX designer in a startup company. Blending all these experiences, my expertise includes diverse design areas: interior, graphic, fashion, and editorial.
I love love-stories, lace, flowers, glitters, ribbons, and rose-golds.
I love to design a moment where emotions arouse, thereby creating unforgettable memories. 
Yes, I love designing moments, the experience. 

As an experiential design professional, I offer
-   Facilitation of various design areas to create a cohesive and holistic experience
-   Detail-oriented perspective to create the perfect scene 
-   Unique design concept development and design trend research
-   Visual and verbal communication skills for effective design 
-   Punctual scheduling and project management with accurate documentation 
-   Various technical skills: 3D modeling and rendering, CAD, graphic design, retouching, photography