Hyoyon Paik is an Unreal Engine artist specializing in cinematics, digital fashion, digital human and surreal environment design working for projects on digital fashion shows, NFTs, the metaverse, and virtual production.

Hyoyon led a team of artists and designers and created fashion films for METAGALA 22Meta Gala 2021 and Crypto Fashion Week 2022, which are both pioneering digital fashion productions, as the art and technical director of Crypto Fashion Week. She is known for her technical knowledge of real-time rendering and strong visual esthetics, which are often both required for digital fashion shows.  

As an established artist and technical director, Hyoyon works with clients worldwide, creating mesmerizing visuals. She created immersive 360 visualizers and the official music video for 'Looking Backward' for Melody's Echo Chamber, a full CGI film where the digital avatar of the music artist plays the main character. She created the visuals for Chlöe's Have Mercy debut performance at the MTV Video Music Awards

With the soul of an artist and the proficiency of a tech nerd, Hyoyon strives to master new technologies, to reach an international audience, and to bring her visionary work with metaverse culture into the mainstream. 

She is based in Portland, Oregon, and works at Nike World Headquarters as part of Immersive Design team, where she develops real-time immersive product experiences that pushes the boundaries of creativity and helps Nike create the future of the sport.

Contact: yon@hypaik.com 

Area of expertise
Art Direction
Realtime Environment Design
Virtual Showroom
Digital Fashion Show
Fashion Film
CGI Film
CGI Music Video
360 VR Video
3D Imagery
3D Animation​​​​​​​