METAGALA 22 is a digital fashion film set in a glamorous underwater hotel built in a virtual metaverse using Unreal Engine. Our journey to a dreamlike narrative in METAGALA 22 is filled with avatars wearing digital fashion silhouettes. Brands that contributed garments that made their debut in the show included MUTANI, INJURY x REAL PARENT, and N0WEAP0N. METAGALA 22 is presented by Crypto Fashion Week, the OG digital fashion event produced by Universe Contemporary. 
Written by  Lady Pheønix & Greg de Cuir Jr
Director  Hyoyon Paik
Producer  Lady Pheønix, p.g.m.
Prodcuer  Greg de Cuir Jr, p.g.m.
Music  Trinity by REO
Designers  MUTANI x Shayli Harrison, REO, INJURY x REAL PARENT, and N0WEAP0N
Additional Design  IOR 50, Blue Hamel
Executive Producer  Universe Contemporary
METAGALA 22 premiered at SCOPE Art Show during Miami Art Week 2022 onto a majestic 25-meter wide screen of the main stage of the art fair. 

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