The official video created for Melody's Echo Chamber - "Looking Backward" is a full CGI animated film capturing Melody’s magical falling-in-love journey. Melody and I worked closely to create the perfect animated representation of her human self—her digital ego—which is the main character of the film. In the story, she goes through many exciting adventures and events after meeting a wild leopard. The video’s main goal was to visualize the power of pure innocent love which distorts or transforms our reality completely. The environments in the video resonate with Melody’s emotions, which are sometimes very dark and fearful, and other times happy and calm, reflecting the wide range of emotions we feel when in love. 
All scenes were captured in real-time using Unreal Engine. Melody’s digital ego was created using Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman. This remarkable piece demonstrates how artists can utilize digital avatars and CGI to deliver a grander and more immersive narrative in this exciting time, where the digital world and reality are integrated more than ever before.
MetaHuman Development
Melody wanted to create her digital ego which will be the main character of the music video. Her digital avatar was created using Unreal Engine Metahuman Creator. MetaHuman is a digital human system of Unreal Engine, which enables creating photorealistic digital humans and using them in cinematics, games, and virtual production. Inspired by Japanese animation films such as Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky, we created the main characters of the film: digital Melody who is a wild savage girl, and a boy who finds the digital Melody and has the secret of being able to transform into a white leopard. 
Key Visuals

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