NEXT STOP METAVERSE is a concept piece created by a collaboration between Blue Hamel (@halfofnothing) & Hyoyon Paik (@yon.paik).
The idea around Next Stop Metaverse came from the link of how close the physical and digital world are! As they continue to become closer and closer together so does content. This piece was fully created digitally with a team from all around the world. 
Creative Director: Blue Hamel (@halfofnothing)
3d/scene builder: Hyoyon Paik (@yon.paik)
Avatar animation: @frankthedopp
Sound & Music: @willmcgillivray
3d Clothing: @si.monnnn
Blue Hamel (@halfofnothing) - Creative Director specializing in the 3d and Digital content space. Creative Director of:
- Monte - Frank Studio:
- Hair Candy:,
- Blu Lamont:
- WeAreBells:
Hyoyon Paik (@yon.paik) is a 3d artist specialized in environment design and real-time rendering. She has based out of New York and Seoul, creating a virtual world for clients from all corners of the globe.

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